Drill Rig Model : DTH-300

Short Description

Down The Hole (DTH) drill rig capable of drilling to a depth of 300mtrs (1000 ft) under favorable drilling condition. The drill rig can be operated on rocky
formation and hard to medium soil formation. The drill rig can make a hole of diameter 4 ½’’ to 6’’

The TBW20 drill rig is ideal for water well drilling application in rock formation. Thanks to its simple and compact design, excellent performance, high accessibility and reliability at afford cost in its class. The TBW20 rig’s flexibility means it will be mounted on tractor and air compressor will be mounted on separate trolley or truck (Rig can be mounted on two wheel or four wheel tractor upon customer request)

Optional: Skid mounting

Key features:

  • Proven technology ensures easy maintenance and more productive.
  • The rig can be customize as per customer requirement
  • All the actuators are operated by proportional control valves

Key specification:

  • Drill rod handling 10 feet (3.0 meter)
  • Drilling depth up to 300 feet (100 meters)
  • Drilling diameter 4.5 inch (114 mm) – 5 inch (127 mm)
  • Pull up force 5,000 kgf
  • Drill head torque 215 kg.m
  • Air compressor 600 cfm/200 psi
  • Optional: Trolley mounted mud pump driven by diesel engine through mechanical drive for mud rotary drilling.


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